DSS - PLAXIS 3D Soiltest objects documentation


Simulates a Direct Simple Shear test.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name given to the test
Behaviour Behaviour - Type of test - Drained or undrained
ApplyMobilisedShearStrength Apply Mobilised Shear Strength - Apply Mobilised Shear Strength - True or false
MobilisedShearStrength Mobilised Shear Strength - Value of Mobilised Shear Strength
PreconsolidationPressure Preconsolidation Pressure Force/Length2 Vertical Preconsolidation Stress
Consolidation Consolidation - Type of Consolidation
K0 K0 - K0 value
MaximumShearStrain Maximum Shear Strain % Maximum Shear Strain
Steps Steps - Number of steps