WaterLoad - PLAXIS 3D Output objects documentation


Result types for water load
Property Long name Unit Description
X X Length x coordinate
Y Y Length y coordinate
Z Z Length z coordinate
GWHead Groundwater head Length Groundwater head
QualityLength QualityLength - The ratio between the smallest and largest edge of an element
QualityAngle QualityAngle - The ratio between the smallest triangle angle and π/3 in soil elements
QualityQ QCircle - Given the inscribed circle A and the circumscribed circle B of a 2D soil element. Then Q = 2 · radius_A / radius_B. For 3D soil elements the minimum over the 4 triangles is taken
Suction Suction Force/Length2 Suction
WaterLoad |q| Pressure Load caused by water
WaterLoadX qx Pressure Load caused by water in the x direction
WaterLoadY qy Pressure Load caused by water in the y direction
WaterLoadZ qz Pressure Load caused by water in the z direction
Height Elevation Length Elevation
IsCurved Is curved - Returns 1 or 0 to indicate whether the element is curved. Might be related to the updated mesh option that can be set in Input
PWater pwater Force/Length2 Pore water pressure
WaterLoadRaw |q| Force/Length2 The total water load unaffected by the fixities
WaterLoadRawX qx Force/Length2 WaterLoadRaw in x direction
WaterLoadRawY qy Force/Length2 WaterLoadRaw in y direction
WaterLoadRawZ qz Force/Length2 WaterLoadRaw in z direction
NodeID Node ID - Returns the ID of the nodes
ElementID Element ID - Returns the element ID for the water load structures
LocalNumber Local number - The n-th node or stress point in a structure element (also displayed in the tables of Output program)