CalculationInfo - PLAXIS 3D Output objects documentation


This object represents the calculation information of the currently active phase.
Property Long name Unit Description
TimeInterval TimeInterval Time Time
TimeIntervalSeconds TimeIntervalSeconds Time Dynamic time
Msf Msf - Safety factor
Mstage Mstage - Stage construction progress
PStop PStop - Minimum excess pore pressure
ReachedTime ReachedTime Time The total time of the calculation
ReachedDynTime ReachedDynTime Time The total time of the dynamic calculation
SumMWeight ΣMweight - Soil weight
SumMArea ΣMarea - The fraction of the mesh that is remaining with respect to the initial phase
SumMsf ΣMsf - The total safety factor
SumMStage ΣMstage - The total stage construction progress
MArea Marea - The fraction of the excavated mesh
ReachedForceX ReachedForceX Force Force due to prescribed displacements (x-axis)
ReachedForceY ReachedForceY Force Force due to prescribed displacements (y-axis)
ReachedForceZ ReachedForceZ Force Force due to prescribed displacements (z-axis)
PseudoStaticAccelerationX PseudoStaticAccelerationX Length/Time2 The pseudo-static acceleration set in Input (x-axis)
PseudoStaticAccelerationY PseudoStaticAccelerationY Length/Time2 The pseudo-static acceleration set in Input (y-axis)
PseudoStaticAccelerationZ PseudoStaticAccelerationZ Length/Time2 The pseudo-static acceleration set in Input (z-axis)
MultiplierFactor MultiplierFactor - Multiplication factor for MStage
Extrapolation Extrapolation - Extrapolation factor
RelativeStiffness RelativeStiffness - Relative stiffness
GlobalError GlobalError - Overall calculation error
UseTensionCutoff UseTensionCutoff - To check if tension cut off is used
TensionCutOff TensionCutOff - The value at which the tension is maxed out
UseCavitationCutOff UseCavitationCutOff - To check if cavitation cut off is used
CavitationCutOff CavitationCutOff - The value at which the cavitation is maxed out
IgnoreSuction IgnoreSuction - Ignore suction is used
UseUpdatedWaterPressures UseUpdatedWaterPressures - Updated water pressure is used
Is3D Is3D - To check if the project is 3D or not.
Is64Bits Is64Bits - To check if the calculation was performed in 64bit mode
CalculationType CalculationType - To check the calculation type which was used (e.g. 'Plastic calculation')
LoadTypeName LoadTypeName - To check the loading type which used (e.g. 'Consolidation'or 'Transient')
UseUpdatedMesh UseUpdatedMesh - To check if updated mesh calculation is used.
KernelVersion KernelVersion - The kernel version that used to calculate the phase
MaxStepCount MaxStepCount - The maximum number of steps for a phase
SubStepCount SubStepCount - The number of sub-steps used for a phase
ArcLengthControl ArcLengthControl - 1 if arc-length control is used, 0 if not and -1 if unavailable
MinIterations MinIterations - The desired minimum number of iterations. -1 if unavailable.
MaxIterations MaxIterations - The desired maximum number of iterations. -1 if unavailable.
ToleratedError ToleratedError - The tolerated error. -1 if unavailable.
OverRelaxation OverRelaxation - The over relaxation factor. -1 if unavailable.
HasDesignApproach HasDesignApproach - To check if a design approach was used
DesignApproachIndex DesignApproachIndex - Design approach index for materials
DesignApproach DesignApproach - Design approach name for materials
Solver Solver - The solver used in a calculation
MaxCores MaxCores - The number of CPU cores used in a calculation