SurfaceContraction - PLAXIS 3D Input objects documentation


Surface contraction feature of a surface.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the surface contraction.
Comments Comments - Comments on the surface contraction.
Parent Parent - Name of the surface where the surface contraction feature is applied to.
Distribution Distribution -
Sets the distribution of the surface contraction to 'Constant'.
Axial increment
Sets the distribution of the surface contraction to 'Axial increment'.
Behaviour Behaviour -
Tunnel contraction
To simulate small volume loss for tunnels.
Planar contraction
To check if the contraction values are properly converted for tunnels.
Xref xref Length x-component of the reference value.
Yref yref Length y-component of the reference value.
Zref zref Length z-component of the reference value.
C_ref Cref % Contraction.
C_inc_axial Cinc,axial %/Length Axial increment of the contraction.