Phase - PLAXIS 3D Input objects documentation


Staged construction phase. Phase features depend on the selected deformation calculation type or flow calculation type.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the phase.
Comments Comments - Comments on the phase.
Number Number - Number of the phase.
Identification Indentification - Identifier of the phase.
PreviousPhase Previous Phase - The phase that will take place before this phase.
DeformCalcType Deformation Calculation Type -
For the initial phase:
K0 procedure
This calculation type can be used to define the initial stresses for the model, taking into account the loading history of the soil.
Gravity loading
The phase will be calculated using a plastic calculation, in which initial stresses are generated based on the volumetric weight of the soil.
Flow only
The phase will be calculated using no effective stresses.
For the non initial phases:
The phase will be calculated using an elastic-plastic deformation analysis according to small deformation theory where undrained behaviour is considered.
This calculation type can be used to analyse the development and dissipation of excess pore pressures in a saturated clay-type soil as a function of time.
A global safety factor will be calculated for the phase.
Dynamic loading in the sense of increasing or decreasing a predefined combination of external dynamic forces.
Fully coupled flow-deformation
Time-dependent ananlysis of deformation and (total) pore pressures. Input of soil permeabilities is required for this calculation. It uses non-zero time interval.
PorePresCalcType Pore Pressure Calculation Type -
Direct generation of steady-state pore pressures from phreatic level and cluster-related conditions.
Use pressures from previous phase
This calculation uses steady-state pore pressures from the parent phase as input for the current deformation analysis.
Steady state groundwater flow
Flow calcultaion to determine steady-state pore pressures and phreatic level based on hydraulic conditions. Input of soil permeability is required.
Transient groundwater flow
Time-dependent flow calculation to determine pore pressures and phreatic level based on hydraulic conditions. Input of soil permeability is required. This type of calculation uses non-zero time interval.
MaxCores Max cores to use - Maximum number of cores that will be used during the calculation of this phase by multicore solvers.
LogInfo Log information - Information on the feedback given by the kernel after calculation.
MaxStepsStored Maximum steps stored - Maximum number of calculation steps that will be saved.
TimeInterval Time interval Time Total time period considered in the current calculation phase.
EstimatedEndTime Estimated end time Time An estimation of the accumulated time at the end of the phase that is to be calculated.
ShouldCalculate ShouldCalculate -
The phase will be calculated.
The phase will not be calculated.
CalculationResult CalculationResult -
Not calculated
The phase has not been calculated yet.
The phase has been calculated without an error.
The phase has been calculated, but contains an error.
FirstStep FirstStep - Index of the first calculation step of the phase.
LastStep LastStep - Index of the last calculation step of the phase.
SpecialOption SpecialOption - To trigger a particular event or action at the beginning of the calculation phase based on the value of this parameter.