MeshOptions - PLAXIS 3D Input objects documentation


Options of the mesh.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the mesh options object.
Comments Comments - Comments on the mesh options object.
TypeName typename - TypeName of the mesh options object.
UserFeatures userfeatures - UserFeatures of the mesh options object.
Parent parent - Name of the parent object of the mesh options object.
Coarseness coarseness - Mesh coarseness factor.
MaxCPUs MaxCPUs - Maximum number of cores supported by default.
UseEnhancedRefinements useenhancedrefinements Boolean Whether use mesh enhanced refinements.
EMRGlobalScale emrglobalscale Boolean Global enhanced mesh refinement scale
EMRMinElementSize EMRMinElementSize - Minimum enhanced mesh refinement element size.
EMRProximity EMRProximity - Enhanced mesh refinement proximity
ElementRelativeSize ElementRelativeSize - Relative element size.
ElementDimension ElementDimension - Dimension of an element