ContourSurface - PLAXIS 3D Input objects documentation


Surface describing the contour of the soil model in the horizontal plane.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the contour surface object.
Comments Comments - Comments on the contour surface object.
UserFeatures UserFeatures - UserFeatures of the contour surface object.
Parent Parent - Name of the parent contour object.
ParametricBehaviour Parametric behaviour -
Indicates that the contour surface is of parametric type.
Indicates that the contour surface is of non-parametric type.
Generator Generator - Generator of the contour surface.
CenterOfGravity Center of gravity - Center of gravity of the contour surface.
BoundingBox Bounding box - Coordinates of the diagonal defining the bounding box for the contour surface.
x x Length x-coordinate.
y y Length y-coordinate.
z z Length z-coordinate.
Area Area Length2 Area of the contour surface.