BeamMat - PLAXIS 3D Input objects documentation


Material set that can be assigned to a beam.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the beam material.
Comments Comments - Comments on the beam material.
MaterialName Identification - Identification of the beam material.
Colour Colour - Colour of the beam material.
MaterialNumber Identification number - Identification number of the beam material.
TypeName Type name - TypeName of the beam material.
UserFeatures UserFeatures - UserFeatures of the beam material object.
IsLinear Linear -
Enables linear beam material behaviour.
Disables linear beam material behaviour.
NormalX NormalX - Currently not in use.
NormalY NormalY - Currently not in use.
NormalZ NormalZ - Currently not in use.
XYListNEpsilon XYListNEpsilon - Currently not in use.
XYListMYYKappa XYListMYYKappa - Currently not in use.
XYListMZZKappa XYListMZZKappa - Currently not in use.
A A Length2 Beam cross section area.
w γ Force/Length3 Unit weight of the beam material.
E E Force/Length2 Young's modulus in axial direction.
Iyy I3 Length4 Moment of inertia against bending over the third axis.
Izz I2 Length4 Moment of inertia against bending over the second axis.
Iyz Iyz Length4 Moment of inertia against torsion around the first axis.
nu ν - Poisson's ratio of the beam material.