importifc - PLAXIS 3D Input commands documentation


Imports IFC data.
Imports geometric information from IFC.
importifc "structures" "C:\directory\project.ifc" "" Imports all supported IFC structures from the project.ifc file.
importifc "structures" "C:\directory\project.ifc" "ifcslab" Imports slab structures data.
importifc "structures" "C:\directory\project.ifc" "ifcwall ifcroof ifcslab" Imports walls, roof, and slab data.
<Text: "soilvolume"|"structurevolume"|"structuresurface"|"soilsurfacetop"|"soilsurfacebottom"|"structures"|"polycurve"|"point"> Text' Text'
Text Type of object that is to be imported
"soilvolume" Soil volume type Imports soil volumes
"structurevolume" Structure volume data type Imports structural volumes
"structuresurface" Structure surface data type Imports structural surfaces
"soilsurfacetop" Soil surface top data type Imports top surfaces of a soil layer
"soilsurfacebottom" Soil surface bottom data type Imports bottom surfaces of a soil layer
"structures" Structures data type Imports structures
"polycurve" Polycurve data type Imports polycurves
"point" Point data type Imports points
Text Text File name of the object that is to be imported
Text Text Type of IFC data to be imported. Available are: ifcroof, ifcslab, ifcfooting, ifcpile, ifcbeam, ifcplate, ifcwall, ifccolumn
Mode Target
Geometry Global
{1,...} Surface {1,...} Soil {1,...} Volume {1,...} Surface