CDSS - PLAXIS 2D Soiltest objects documentation


Simulates a Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Test.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name - Name given to the test
Behaviour Behaviour - Type of test - Drained or undrained
Consolidation Consolidation - Type of consolidation
ApplyMobilisedShearStrength Apply Mobilised Shear Strength - Apply Mobilised Shear Strength
MobilisedShearStrength Mobilised Shear Strength - Mobilised Shear Strength
PreconsolidationPressure Preconsolidation Pressure Force/Length2 Vertical Preconsolidation Stress
K0 K0 - K0 Value
AbsSigyyinit Initial Stress Force/Length2 Magnitude of Initial stress
DurationPerCycle Duration per cycle Time Duration per cycle
InitialStaticShear σxy - Initial Static Shear
NumberOfCycles Number Of Cycles - Number Of Cycles
NumberOfStepsPerQuarterCycle Number Of Steps Per Quarter Cycle - Number Of Steps Per Quarter Cycle
ShearStrainAmplitude Shear Strain Amplitude % Shear Strain Amplitude
ShearStressAmplitude Shear Stress Amplitude Force/Length2 Shear Stress Amplitude