Plot - PLAXIS 2D Output objects documentation


Result types for plot object
Property Long name Unit Description
DrawFrame DrawFrame - Draw the frame containing information around the exported image.
DrawProjectDirectory DrawProjectDirectory - Draw the directory where the project is located.
DrawTitle DrawTitle - Draw the title bar.
DrawLegend DrawLegend - Draw the legend.
DrawRulers DrawRulers - Draw the rulers.
DrawAxes DrawAxes - Draw the x, y and z axis.
DrawLogo DrawLogo - Draw the company logo.
ProjectDescription ProjectDescription - Set or edit the description of the project.
ResultType ResultType - Controls what result type is shown in the plot.
PlotType PlotType - Controls how the result is visualised (echo PlotTypes to get the list of possible values).
Phase Phase - Define the phase for the exported image. Setting this will set Step to the last step of this phase.
Step Step - Define the step for the exported image. Setting this will set Phase to the parent phase of this step.
PhaseBehavior PhaseBehavior - Controls which phase/step the plot will use to render the image when using the export command. By default is set to plotphase and can be switched into projectphase.
ScaleFactor ScaleFactor - Controls the deformation scale. When this is set, LogScaleFactor is ignored.
LogScaleFactor LogScaleFactor - Makes the mesh use a logarithmic scaling instead of a linear one. When this is set, ScaleFactor is ignored.
LegendSettings LegendSettings - Object to control the legend.
MeshSettings MeshSettings - Object to control various visibility settings on the mesh.