GeneralInfo - PLAXIS 2D Output objects documentation


General information object.
Property Long name Unit Description
UnitForce UnitForce - The name of the unit used for force.
UnitLength UnitLength - The name of the unit used for length.
UnitTime UnitTime - The name of the unit used for time.
UnitTemperature UnitTemperature - The name of the unit used for temperature.
UnitMass UnitMass - The name of the unit used for mass.
UnitEnergy UnitEnergy - The name of the unit used for energy.
UnitPower UnitPower - The name of the unit used for power.
GravityAngle GravityAngle ° The angle the gravity vector makes with the ground. Usually -90.
AccelerationX ax Length/Time2 Acceleration in x direction
AccelerationY ay Length/Time2 Acceleration in y direction
Gravity Gravity Length/Time2 The force of gravity in meter per second squared.
GroundwaterWeight GroundwaterWeight Force The weight of the ground water in Newton.
StressPointsPerElement StressPointsPerElement - The number of stress points in a soil element.
NodeCount NodeCount - The number of nodes in the entire mesh.
InterfaceCount InterfaceCount - The number of interfaces in the entire mesh.
SoilElementCount SoilElementCount - The number of soil elements in the entire mesh.
NodesPerSoilElement NodesPerSoilElement - The number of nodes in a soil element.
SmallestElementSize SmallestElementSize - The area of the smallest soil element in the mesh.
SideNodeCount SideNodeCount - The number of nodes on the side of a soil element.
SideStressPointCount SideStressPointCount - The number of stress points at the side of an element.
HasEffectiveSaturation HasEffectiveSaturation - Checks whether the model has effective saturation values.
AnalysisType AnalysisType - Checks which type of analysis was used during the calculation.
Axisymmetric Axisymmetric - Checks whether the calculation was axisymmetric.
ProjectType ProjectType - The type of project loaded. Such as 'Plaxis3D'
Is3D Is3D - Checks whether the project is in 3D or not.
SoilElementType SoilElementType - Checks which type of soil element is used. Such as 'Triangle15Nodes'