ThermalConditions - PLAXIS 2D Input objects documentation


Thermal conditions feature for steady state or transient thermal flow analysis.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the thermal conditions feature.
Comments Comments - Comments on the thermal conditions feature.
UserFeatures UserFeatures - UserFeatures of the thermal conditions feature.
Parent Parent - Name of the parent object of the thermal conditions feature.
TemperatureConditions Temperature conditions -
This option shall be used if the temperature distribution in the selected cluster must be obtained from the global temperature distribution
The temperature in the cluster is directly defined on the basis of a reference temperature Tref at a reference level yref, and an increment per unit of depth Tinc.
yref yref - Reference level for the thermal conditions.
Tref Tref - Reference temperature at the specified reference level.
Tinc Tinc - Increment value specifying the change in temperature with depth.
EnergyConditions Energy conditions -
A cluster producing energy.
A cluster absorbing energy.
Q Q - Heat total flux.
TimeDependency Time dependency -
The heat total flux does not change with time.
The heat total flux varies with time.
HeatTotalFluxFunction Heat total flux function - Heat total function that defines the variation of heat total function with time.