AnchorMat2D - PLAXIS 2D Input objects documentation


Material set that can be assigned to a fixed-end anchor or a node-to-node anchor.
Property Long name Unit Description
Name Name - Name of the anchor material.
Comments Comments - Comments on the anchor material.
MaterialName Identification - Identification of the anchor material.
Colour Colour - Colour of the anchor material.
MaterialNumber Identification number - Identification number of the anchor material.
Elasticity Material type -
Sets anchor material behaviour to elastic.
Sets anchor material behaviour to elastoplastic.
Lspacing Length -
EAPerLength Force/Length Stiffness of the anchor per unit length.
FMaxTensPerLength Force/Length Maximum tension force per unit length.
FMaxCompPerLength Force/Length Maximum compression force per unit length.
NonSoilSpecificHeatCapacity Non-soil specific heat capacity Energy/Time/Temperature Specific heat capacity of the soild material.
ThermalConductivity Thermal conductivity Power/Length/Temperature Thermal conductivity of solid material.
Density Density Mass/Length3 Density of solid material.
ThermalExpansion Thermal expansion 1/Temperature Thermal expansion coefficient.
A Area Length2 Area considered for thermal explansion.